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TomTom's Carpet Outlet offers limitless product selection because they can and will special-order any product and ship it anywhere nationwide. Their close proximity to quality carpet manufacturers like Shaw™, Mohawk™, and Beaulieu™ means they get the finest carpet products for less, and then pass the savings on to their customers. Tom’s Carpet Outlet even does custom area rugs of any shape or dimension on their in-house binding machine.

Tom, the owner, started his flooring store in the early 00’s in East Ridge, Tennessee. Using his previous 21 years of experience in the flooring industry, he was able to put together a team of flooring professionals, many of which he has worked with many years prior. His team is local.

“We live here in Chattanooga; we work here,” Tom said, regarding his staff.  Tom’s wife Sue even does the bookwork. “We’re as local as you get.”

Tom’s Carpet provides flooring, both for residential and commercial locations. They have received the “Best of the Best Award” for floor covering in Chattanooga as well as multiple BBB Awards.

“We’ve got really good installers,” Tom said. “They’re a reflection of us. If you have an installer come to your house, you want him to be reputable, nice, knowledgeable, and do a good job. I think overall, we really do a good job.”

“I’ve always thought if you do the right thing and are honest with people, and give them a fair price, you’ll be okay.”

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